Blue porcelain straws


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The straws are reusable and ecologically friendly. Therefore there is added special cleaning brush with every set of four straws.
The main reason for making the reusable straw is reducing plastic waste. So these straws are zero waste.
The design is natural and minimalistic.
These porcelain straws are a great alternative to plastic straws that are polluting our planet.

The price is for 4 straws and a brush.


-Reduces plastic pollution and saves marine lives
-Reduces long-term costs
-Does not affect the taste of the drink like other reusable straws
-Does not wear off like bamboo and paper straws
-Is not porous
-Dishwasher safe
-For hot and cold drinks


These reusable straws are made of blue porcelain which is more durable than ceramics. Straws are made with the specially made extrusion tool and are extruded by hand. After raw porcelain clay is extruded, straws are put into special drying rack to get them in the equal shape. Because this is a natural material, it tends to bend while drying so straws must stay in that drying stencil for several days until completely dry. These straws are unglazed and have a natural color of blue porcelain. Because it was fired at high temperature (1230°C) it normally bends slightly and very high temperature makes it nonporous. After firing every straw is inspected for porosity and both edges of the straws are sanded and polished to make it smooth.
The item can be a great wedding gift. It can also be made in higher quantities for the wedding favors or bars, in that case, please send me a custom order request.

Every item is crafted by hand and therefore unique so a slight difference within the same design can occur.


Clean it with detergent and warm water as soon as possible after use for the easiest maintenance.
Clean it thoroughly inside from both sides with an added brush and detergent.
Straws are also dishwasher safe.


Outer diameter: 8,3 mm / 0.32″
Length: 18,3 cm/ 7.3″


I make sure that every item is carefully packed and protected to withstand worldwide shipping.
Every item is secured in a nice box with ecologically friendly wooden wool which absorbs any shocks from the transportation.

That makes the item double protected and therefore 100% safe to travel around a world. COLOR AND DESIGN DISCLAIMER:

The color of the item may vary depending on your screen.
This is due to the fact that every computer and phone monitor has different settings to display colors and that everyone sees these colors differently.


If a straw breaks, stop using it immediately and dispose of it because there is a risk of cutting.
Because the material is very hard you have to avoid contact with your teeth to prevent injuries.
We do not take any responsibility for injuries or damage due to improper use of the straws.


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