This is THE story about the


Everything began with the “mud” or better said, a special mixture of stoneware and water, called slip.

This slip was then cast into the plaster mold, created just for this mug.

After stamping the rules underneath with a 3D printed stamp, the mugs were decorated by hand and left to dry.

First firing in the kiln made the mugs ready for coloring and decorating with glazes.

A truly time-consuming work.

Finally, the mugs were fired at 1230°C and left to cool in the kiln before opening it.

1 1 °C
2 1 °F

The CRMXmugs are now ready to…



Currently, we can't afford to travel... so there's that. That's why we created something that could sneak into your backpack easier than us 🙂 , and give us some nice views later on.

If you got lucky and got the #CRMXmug into your backpack, please read and obey the following rules carefully:

There was a lot of work and effort put into these handmade mugs.
So please show that you appreciate my work, by making sure that the mug continues its journey around the world and
don't be the last one to own it.

The #CRMXmug concept only relies on the fair play and honesty of the travelers. For the idea to succeed, one must follow the rules written on the mug itself and here below.

1. If you got the mug, that’s probably because you are soon going on a journey (If that’s not the case, please give the mug to the person who goes the soonest)

2. Take this mug with you

3. During the journey use the mug freely

4. Take some photos of the mug (in-use, or just in the environment. The better the view,…)

5. Share your best shots on social media with the Hashtag #CRMXmug (preferably on Instagram, and tagging the location would be awesome)

6. Make sure that the mug continues its journey by giving it to the next traveler, who will take it to the next destination the soonest

Special hint: If for any reason, you can’t give it to someone, you can always leave it in a place where many travelers meet, and someone should take it freely as this mug has no permanent owner.

7. Follow the awesome journey of the mugs (yes there are more) on the link below and see where this mug of yours went next

The fellowship of the mugs

We all ask ourselves the same question.

"Is there a mug that I can keep for myself?"

Surely the answer is, YES!

Here at CRMX studio, we made the whole bunch of mugs that don't need to travel and are happy to stay with you.

The availability varies so the best we could do is show you the options (which are obviously endless), and you contact us with the inquiry.